Our Calcium Hypochlorite Tablets are the most accurate of dosing tablets yet with even and consistent dissolution with no wastage, clogging or sludge build up for bulk water treatment at a fraction of the running costs experienced when compared to the alternative tablets on the market of which can be used in any dosing system in the market.

We are revolutionizing the bulk water treatment industry due to all the benefits in using this our unique formulation to dose Calcium Hypochlorite chips at ultra low running costs.

Why Calcium Hypochlorite?

Calcium Hypochlorite has become a very popular disinfectant in many industries. Unfortunately if it is not applied correctly, it appears to be inconsistent and unreliable.

The Science

Calcium Hypochlorite (Ca(OCl)2) is the main disinfecting product used which has been proven and shown to be the most cost effect and safe system to use as far as disinfection and sanitation.

When mixed with water, Calcium Hypochlorite forms what is known as a Hypochlorous Acid. This is what kills bacteria’s, not the Chlorine alone.

The reasoning is, the bacteria sees water and Hypochlorous Acid as the same (H20 and HOCl have the same alignment with a small degree of difference between the bonds, making the bacteria think it is coming into contact with water) (Lamens Terms) resulting in the bacteria being killed and oxidized.

The Hypochlorous acid is also extremely effective in the breaking down of protein due to the chlorine and Nitrogen neutralizing each other upon impact. It completely breaks these bonds down and if it is sprayed directly on meats, poultry, fish, plants, fruits etc is also has the ability (because of the Calcium content) to regenerate the cell wall structure of the product, allowing for longer shelf life. This is just another benefit in using Calcium Hypochlorite as a disinfectant.

Unlike other chips on the market our tablets have been designed to dramatically reduce “Spikes” and has the ability to dissolve at a greater rate if constant flow over the chips can be maintained.

The other disadvantage is that if the granules or chips do not mix completely, then a residue of sludge and lumps collects in which ever environment the product is being used. This way of chlorinating is not only inefficient but also a financially expensive alternative.

Saving you time, money and peace of mind whatever your application may be.

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