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Reverse osmosis produces one of the purest methods of water filtration, removing up to 99% of all contaminants from water.  Read more...

Reverse osmosis is one of the processes that makes desalination (or removing salt from seawater) possible.

Beyond that, reverse osmosis is used for recycling, waste water treatment, and can even produce energy.

Water issues have become an extremely pressing global threat.

With climate change come unprecedented environmental impacts: torrential flooding in some areas, droughts in others, rising and falling sea levels.

Add to that the threat of overpopulation — and the demand and pollution a swelling population brings — and water becomes one of the paramount environmental issues to watch for in the next generation.

Water treatment plants and systems are now adapting reverse osmosis to address some of these concerns.
Worldwide, there are now over 13,000 desalination plants in the world, according to the International Desalination Association.

RO Technology:

  • Water passes through a series of filters including an activated carbon filter for the removal of chlorine.
  • After which the water passes through a semi permeable membrane that has the ability to remove and reject a wide spectrum of impurities, bacteria and contaminants from the water, producing an ultra pure product water.


Reverse Osmosis systems were originally designed for desalination and have been widely used for many years by the shipping industry, oil rigs etc for the conversion of seaRead more...water into drinking water.
Now the technology is being used by households, hydroponics, hospitals, industry and pharmaceutical companies where the purest of water is required.

R/O systems typically have the following components:

  • A supply pump or pressurized raw water supply,
  • Pre-filtration in one or more stages,
  • Chemical injection of one or more pre-treatment agents may be added,
  • pressure pump suited to the application, sized and driven appropriately for the flow and pressure required,
  • A membrane array including one or more membranes installed in one or more pressure tubes,
  • Various gauges and flow meters,
  • Apressure regulating valve,
  •
  • Relief valve(s) and/or safety pressureswitches,
  • Possibly some form of post treatment. Post treatment should usually include a form of sterilization such as Chlorine or Ultra-Violet (U-V).
  • Other types of post treatment may include carbon filters, pH adjustment, or mineral injection for some applications.

Pre-filtration is of the utmost importance to prevent fouling of the membranes, different pre-filtration cartridges are available to suit local water conditions.

We supply and commission a wide range of standard and custom reverse osmosis package plants with guaranteed results.