The revolution in powder activation technology in nano standards

Bio Fizz Powder


Bio Fizz Powder is an application specific blend of bacterial in a powder form selected to degrade a wide range of organic materials especially Fats, oils and Greases at a rapid rate to quickly establishing biomass with the optimum separation characteristics.
With the new fizz technology we are able to increase heat and oxygen at initial application to accelerate the bacteria activity for superior results.

This will improve:
• Industrial and municipal biological effluent plants during start-up and upset recovery
• BOD/COD and suspended solids reduction
• Biological treatment of starchy, FOG wastes


• For start-up and upset recovery in:
– Municipal and industrial biological waste water plants.
– Small packaged sewage plants.
• For improvement of BOD/COD and suspended solids removal in poorly operating biological effluent plants.
• Industrial Treatment Systems
• Fat Traps
• Septic Tanks
• Blocked Drains

Advantages of Bio Fizz Powder

Optimised, application-specific, proprietary bacterial consortium.

Addition of specially selected organic fizz technology for increased oxygen and heat production.

Bacillus species 100% in spore from providing long product shelf life

Manufactured in accordance with recognized international