Cooling Towers & Boilers

    True Water focus is to ensure a sustainable operating condition for Boilers and Cooling Towers and the like, by keeping the traditional way of water treatment rather than other gimmick type ion exchange coil products.
    By doing this we are able to obtain significantly longer “shelf life” results on the equipment with minimal scaling which results in low down time.

    Together with this True Water offers a physical clean option for new and existing clients in order to ensure the clients equipment is kept in optimal running conditions with as little heat transfer loss as possible.

    Cooling Tower & Boilers

    Proportional Dosing Systems utilising Dosing pumps and reed switch activated water-meters (1) Blended Anti Corrosion anti Scale inhibitor and 2) biocide)

    Proportional dosing systems utilising bypass based chemical dosing with no need for reed switches or dosing pumps (1) Blended Anti Corrosion anti Scale inhibitor and 2) biocide).

    Conductivity bleed auto control systems

    Timer based solenoid systems

    Side Stream Filtration

    Let True Water maintain your Cooling towers, Boilers and Condensers by offering the following:

    Mechanical and chemical cleans to remove scale buildup

    replacement of mechanical components such as coil packs, tubes, fill pack, belts, shafts, fans, motors, bearings and more.

    We offer on going, regular maintenance contracts to ensure your systems are serviced and maintained correctly, taking the demand and risk off of the clients shoulders