We specialize in food saftey and hygiene solutions for industry

Food Safety & Hygiene

Food Safety involving degreasing, biofilm removal and disinfection are the fundamentals in ensuring a superior product for the consumer together with peace of mind in the facility for lower swab results, odors and fly reduction.

Our Food Safe products are  used for irrigation, fruit and veg wash, and carcass wash amongst others for increased plant growth and for shelf life enhancement via multiple variations of our systems gives peace of mind for direct food contact.

This involves also, the ability to deep clean and disinfect in one step for facility cleaning – no need for harmful corrosive acids and static based inhibitors marketed as sanitizers.

We also offer biological cleaning alternatives for continuous control in hard to reach areas, including crease traps and ventiltaion areas together with extraction fans, surfaces, bin areas amongst others.


The correct equipment to clean and ensure staff do not contaminate surfaces is one of the most important requirement in and critical control point.