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The filterpress is the most efficient solid/liquid separation system and the most employed filtering process in all kind of applications.

The fields of application of filterpresses of the plate and frame, chamber and membrane types are extremely varied.

FPAC 1000-2
FPAC 1000-2

Biologik filterpresses are designed for the largest capacities possible with the given plate dimensions and cake thickness. The other factors indirectly affecting its capacity are:

  • Fast cake discharge by automatic plate shifting device
  • Time saving in cloth cleaning by automatic washing device
  • Short cycle times for closing and opening of the filterpress
  • The service requirements of the plant are quite low and its maintenance is easy owing to the high quality of all the material and parts utilised.


Our filterpresses are not only used for dewatering of sewage, industrial wastewater and water sludge but also find wide applications in process industries, in fact in every major industry including:

  • chemical manufacture
  • mineral processing
  • production of soaps fats and waxes
  • sugar beet
  • color pigments and dyes
  • paints
  • oil, greases and plastics
  • ceramic recovery
  • beers, spirits, wines and yeast
  • phosphate binding baths
  • Conventional plate filter press : the conditioned sludge is dewatered by the pressure between two plates which are covered with filter cloths.

Conventional plate filter press : the conditioned sludge is dewatered by the pressure between two plates which are covered with filter cloths.

Membrane plate filter press : the pressing stage is completed using membranes to create pressurisation.These filters make it possible to increase the dryness of about 5% and to reduce the pressing time of 30%, compared with conventional plate filter presses. However, their cost is high and the energy consumption is 25%-30% greater.

We offer manual and automatic plate shifting systems without operator assistance, FPAV model adapted for conventional pressing and membrane pressing – with automatic spray bar for washwater and acid.

FPAC 800 -1
FPAC 800 -1

Optional Features
The basic structure of filterpresses consisting of fixed head plate, moving end plate, side bars, hydraulic opening-closing device, set of plates, and set of filter cloths can be extended by the addition of optional accessories for easy and safe operation.

Any of the features mentioned below can be added onto a basic press to modify it to a later model. The design of these individual parts is matched to provide practical and economical use of the whole unit. Thus, for example, very short cake cleaning times can be achieved by using the rapid cycle of the automatic plate shifting system and high speed return of the hydraulic unit.

• Plate Opening and Cake Discharge Systems

We can offer several different plate opening methods either for one by one or full pack separation at once. Plate tilting is available for easily falling (non-sticky) cakes.

• Safety Devices

For a safe operation, all the moving parts are protected by guard panels. Further alternating precaution equipment are light curtains to stop the filterpress operation when something or somebody comes into its operation field, a sliding window used in filterpresses complete with washing device as well to prevent water splashes and safety system with ropes.

Furthermore a mobile overhead control button which accompanies the system so as to be always located at the point of activity contains emergency stop and restart switches.

• Compressed Air Distribution System

Filter Plate
Filter Plate

Compressed air is used for the purposes of inflating the membranes or clearing the feeding hole. Additionally, the end plate could be equipped with a core blowing system to discharge the sludge out of the feeding hole back through the head plate

• Drip Tray

It is placed below the filterpress as discharge flaps in two pieces that are hydraulically or motor driven downwards. It is used for the purpose of collecting both washwater and droplets that occur during filtration. Two filtrate trays located on both sides of the filterpress collect the water directed by the drip tray

• Cake Transportation

We offer alternative solutions for cake transportation, e.g. belt or screw or pallet conveyors and big bag frames

• Programmable Logic Control (PLC)

PLC is a switch cabinet equipped with an operating panel that sends the required no of outputs on a LCD-display and an integrated operating keyboard. The cabinet is completely wired, ready for connection and mounting onto the filterpress. Auxiliary equipment can be integrated into the PLC-system to run an automated process operation.

• Filter Cloth Washing Unit

The unit will be positioned by proximity switches and the spray pipe starts cleaning process from the top between two filter plates. Possible tolerances will be levelled with magnetic sensors installed at the spray pipe. The unit is fully integrated into the PLC and runs automatically

• Pre-fabricated Operation Buildings

Sismat offers complete turn-key dewatering plants

• Water Splash Protection

Filterpress can be designed as a closed unit covered by sliding windows both for the prevention of wash water splashes and for safety reasons. Windows are controlled by sensors that stop the press when they are opened.